Not just ART "A brand new genre"

As an artist, Dominik Wein does not fit into conventional categories. He is a painter, filmmaker, digital artist, wine lover and more. Born in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, his life has taken him on a  journey from Los Angeles to Munich, Cape Town, Berlin, and Alaró Mallorca.

Wein began painting at the age of seven in South Africa. It was in Los Angeles during the early 90s that he first encountered digital processes and filmmaking, setting the stage for his exploration of these mediums. Throughout his career, Wein has crafted digital collages, seamlessly merging traditional art with the digital realm. His art project "Perspectives" in 1999 exemplified this fusion, followed by the exhibition "BLACK WHITE BLUR," which was accompanied by a documentary film.

From 2010 to 2020, Wein embarked on his most ambitious project to date, "THE HISTORY EXHIBITION." This groundbreaking exhibition interwove various artistic forms, including Street Art, Classic Romantic paintings, Digital/Sand paintings, Pop Art, Sculptures, Films, Magic Lucia Cream, GEES Power Lemonade, HERR WEIN Wines, the book "The Devil Lives in Berlin," Music, and Fashion. It was a multidimensional experience that showcased Wein's boundless creativity and his ability to transcend artistic boundaries.

Dominik Wein's artistic journey is an ongoing evolution, fueled by his profound passion for creation and a relentless desire to push the boundaries of artistic expression. He invites viewers to join him on a mesmerizing voyage of imagination and creativity, where traditional and digital mediums converge to create extraordinary works.



Not just ART "A brand new genre"

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