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Dominik Wein is a visionary artist, filmmaker, wine enthusiast, and occasional entrepreneur. Splitting his time between Berlin, Germany, and Alaró, Spain, his artistic journey began in Frankfurt, Germany.

At 21 years old, Wein sold his first artwork, an oil painting depicting the legendary William Shakespeare.

After completing his education and design studies in South Africa, Wein embarked on a series of internships that shaped his diverse skill set. He delved into the business world with an internship at NIXDORF Computer in Germany, followed by film and digital imaging internships in Los Angeles, Johannesburg, and Munich.

During the 1990s, Wein emerged as a digital artist. He crafted awe-inspiring digital collages for esteemed entities such as FOCUS, ELLE, The Jane Goodall Institute, and Virgin Records.

Among his notable achievements was the creation of FC Bayern Munich's very first digital art poster. Additionally, Wein directed and produced numerous image films for influential brands like BASF, Axel Springer, Burda, and MTV. 

However, it is his solo film projects where he assumes multiple roles - cameraman, director, editor, and more - that truly resonate with him.

Ultimately, he wanted to bridge the gap between traditional painting and the digital world. The art project "Perspectives" in 1999 showcased the fusion of styles, followed by the exhibition "BLACK WHITE BLUR" accompanied by a documentary film (53min.). "A wonderful told film“ rbb Berlin

Around 2001, Wein embarked on an ambitious venture, aiming to create a feature film called "CIRCUMSTANCES." In pursuit of his artistic vision, he even designed his own camera, blending analog and digital technologies long before DSLR cameras became prevalent. Unfortunately, despite his efforts, the movie never came to fruition due to unforeseen circumstances.

In addition to overcoming resistance from the art scene, which often emphasized a singular style, Wein fearlessly pushed boundaries by combining digital processes with traditional artistic techniques. His unwavering pioneering spirit allowed him to carve a unique path for himself.

His most ambitious project to date, spanning from 2010 to 2020, was "THE HISTORY EXHIBITION." This immersive experience saw Wein adopting various pseudonyms, each representing distinct art styles. These personas became characters in captivating narratives, giving rise to an extraordinary artistic family that garnered acclaim from both the art scene and the press.

Dominik Wein's artistic repertoire encompasses a wide array of skills, including painting, filmmaking, digital imaging, and the utilization of artificial intelligence. His creations take diverse forms, ranging from traditional paintings and prints to innovative mediums like films and NFTs, constantly exploring new ideas and pushing artistic boundaries.

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