April 2023 Alaró
What a Project!!!

Thank you to the Ajuntament d’Alaro and GOIB for supporting the first OCTO PROYECTO! Thank you also to all the friends that helped! Most of all we would like to thank all the kids for cleaning up the river and making the sculptures of OCTi.

We hope to do the next one soon!



"Let's educate, recycle and make ART!"

Dominik Wein


PRESS RELEASE by Richard Burman
Recycling Workshop and Exhibition
Saturday 29th April 10.00-14.00 hrs

Ajuntament d’Alaró, Placa de la Vila,17, 07340 Alaró

Inspired by his son’s desire to clean up the local river beds of plastic - Dominik Wein set up OCTO PROJECT ALARÓ to combine his work as an artist with educating local children about recycling and making a fun interactive sculpture.

The Octopus draws from the contours of the Puig de sa Bastida, and the concept of its tentacles reaching down to the town asking for the help of the community to keep our environment clean. The OCTO PROJECT ALARÓ, with the fantastic support of the Ajuntament d’Alaro and the GOIB, aims to encourage a love and care of the local environment through fun and interactive art.

Let's educate, recycle and make ART! Dominik Wein




Some comments about this project...

What a wonderful project! So fantastic to see this happening in Alaró. Super creative and such an important initiative, especially involving the children Amber 

This project is one that creates a sense of unity in the community, joining forces for a common goal, which is to rehabilitate and clean up natural areas of the village. It's great! It should be done at least once a year. Carlos

Such a great project! You can be so proud of your son who had the initiative idea 👏 and of course a big thank you to you to create awareness in a playful way to such an important topic ! Huge applause ! I hope you feel appreciated for all the energy and time you ve put into it.  Agnes

This project is such an inspiration! A huge shoutout to all of you! Keep on creating a better world Valerie

Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see (J.F.Kennedy). Amazing Job, Dominik  Marion

It was such a pleasure, be part of this project! And to see, what energy can be released! Thanks Alaró! Katti